Bootcamp can't find O/S / Flashing question mark


I have installed a new OWC SSD and I have installed Mojave and i’d like to install windows via the bootcamp assistant. The bootcamp assistant asks for the iso, then asks if I’d like to make a second partition on my Mojave SSD, then it downloads all the files and reboots, I then get a black screen with a white Apple logo and then a flashing question mark/folder.

If I then power off and back on, it boots as normal into Mojave. Bootcamp offers the option to remove the windows partition. Disk util shows no sign of a windows partition.

If I hold option while booting, I just get the Mojave SSD which brings me back to Mojave.

Can anyone shed any light on this please? I’m fully updated to 10.14.6

Any help, much appreciated, cheers.

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Is that the only physical drive or was it a fusion drive machine before?

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@kumowoon1025 It was a fusion drive, but both parts were removed and an own 1tb installed. There is now only that one drive in the system. I tried again to install windows via bootcamp and it installed fine, but then after about 20 min, the dreaded blue screen of death with a CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error, it couldn't even restart itself. After that error, I got the folder with a question mark in it, so I powered off and back on and it booted into windows and was fine for maybe 30 mins and then suddenly, it starts to freeze, one thing at a time, so the browser would hang, then the mouse would stop, then the screen freezes and eventually Windows does a BSOD again with the same error. Someone mentioned it may be because I didn't split the fusion drive before removing it and that I may need to strip down the Mac again and re-install the fusion drives and then build it back up and then split them, and then strip it back down and reinstall the SSD. The Mojave install is working flawlessly. Thanks.

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Oh cool. Just curious, why didn't you choose to leave the blade SSD in?

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Sorry, I meant the long thin stick shaped drive.

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