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The Xbox One S, designed by Microsoft Corporation, was released on August 2016. The Xbox One S is a redesign of the Xbox One.

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No video output tried all the software and button tricks

So I repair PCs but my friend asked me to repair his xbox, so I said I'd see what I can do, took it apart, while doing it I saw that he got scammed pretty bad, before me he sent it to a an unofficial cheap repair shop, where I suspect it had software problem with video, but the repair man did it a hardware problem, because there actually like 5 screws in the whole system, when I took the black plastic cover off, pretty much everything fell, and something really important missing, the HDMI in port itself! Pretty wild if you ask me, so I think that is the problem, but I'm asking to confirm, bacause the port is not used to output video, but I can see why it can interfere the whole video system

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Assuming nothing else was taken off after removing the top metal cover what is missing are:

  • Optical Drive: Without this, the console will only work for downloaded games and can’t read discs. The drive board in the optical drive is paired with the board so a replacement drive will not work.
  • PSU (Power Supply Unit), Hard Drive (HDD), HDD data and power cable combo, SATA cable for optical drive.

For all the parts that need replacing, even at a minimum the hard drive and the power supply I would just get another console second hand. They go around $100 USD.

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No no no no, I removed the optical drive and the PSU and the harddrive and all the covers, all big parts are in place


Have you tried booting the Xbox with any other laptop hard drive? If it shows the something went wrong screen then it is just a bad hard drive.

If it still shows no signal, console stays on and HDMI port looks fine it's the HDMI chip.


@benjamen50 alright I will check that, but I want to clarify that the HDMI port doesn't look fine, it's just not there, but only the in port, the out port looks good


The one to TV port is most likely the replacement part that was taken from the HDMI in port so HDMI port should be OK. So I would say HDMI chip otherwise no good.


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