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Modelo A1204 / 1 o 2 GB de capacidad

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I drop iPod in water

i drop my ipod in water. Know is not working what can i do to repair it my self

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My suggestion would be to follow this this guide Personally I stay away from Rice (other than cooking) since uncooked rice will swell once it absorbs liquids. This could lead to a mess in dock connectors headphone jacks and all other tight areas. Once the device is opened and you follow the guide, it would be an unnecessary step. After you have accomplished that, change the battery (follow the above mentioned guide) and reevaluate your iPod. Good Luck

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Second that with an addition: don't try to turn it on unless it's completely dry.

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Put it in dry rice disassembled

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Chances are the battery may be shorted and if you powered it on, you may have lost any chance to fix it

After you put it in dry rice and you confirm the battery may as well be shorted, put it in IPA to clean off any and all gook on the motherboard

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