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The Huawei P20 Lite is a budget, yet powerful, smartphone from tech giant Huawei. It features dual rear-facing cameras and an amazing display.

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My phone sim not working its come emergency call only

emergency call only my phone problem p20 lite

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emergency call only my problem

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Can you try this combination *#06# and tell us if two numbers are showing or not without sharing them (for security reasons).

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Can u try with anther SIM card? is there enough money in your sim card?

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My sim slot isn't reading my sim, cause water got inside.... I tried the rice solution... Is there a way to make it work without replacing the motherboard? (cheap way)

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Go to dial pad and type # *# *4636 # * # *. Now your phone is in testing mode. Go to Phone Information and scroll down. Click on Turn off radio. Once it is on, selects the network according to your country network from the above option. If your SIM card is 4G, then select LTE. When selected, click on Turn on Radio again and wait for the network to connect. It is suitable for all smartphones.

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