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Where to source replacement LCD

Hey there, I’m trying to figure out where to source quality trusted lcd for this Ipad. From what I’ve gathered Ifixit and InjuredGadget a two such options. However one is quite high in the price and the other is out of stock, is there anywhere else trusted among the folks here for quality parts?

Thank you

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Hi @proffesir_snape

I have used a lot of mobile sentrix premium parts in the past and been happy with the level of quality. In many cases the parts have been OEM quality. They would be the only source I would trust for this repair.

Unfortunately they are out of stock of your part right, but in case they get it soon here is a link for you to check out:

Hope this helps!

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thank you so much. coincidentally I just bookmarked that very same one along with a few others only a few minutes before you commented.

- Por

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