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Primera generación de iPad de Apple con Wi-Fi, disponible con 16, 32 o 64 GB. Número de modelo A1219. Reparaciones sencillas que no requieren aplicar calor.

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Is it the LCD screen or back light?

My son left his iPad in the rain. I let it dry out for a week and put it in dry rice to dry it out (the first 2 days). At first I got no response from turning it on. After charging it over night, I got the charging noise (I unplugged and plugged it in to get that noise). After a few more hours of charging, I got the noise when I turned it on and also a "screen shot" noise. We noticed then, at night with artificial room lighting, "ghost" shadows of the icons. We are able to turn on iTunes and a movie we had downloaded. The sound worked on both of those. The iPad appears to be working, but we are now trying to figure out if it's the LCD screen that is shot or just the back lighting, since we can barely make out the icons in the right light.

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Electronics Water Damage

iPad Wi-Fi Logic Board Replacement

take a look at these guides.. they may help you to clean the ipad and keep it going a lot longer..

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you might have fried the backlight chip or the filter.

if your ipad 1 or 2 was short because you forgot to turn off the ipad when changing the screen.

you want to change and replace

the backlight chip

and the backlight filter

and then if you ipad had water damage change the backlight 4R7 coil as well.

for more detailed picture showing where the ipad 1, 2, 3 backlight circuits is located please visit cyberdocllc

I made a youtube video on the ipad 2 backlight solution

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