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El teléfono más nuevo de Samsung, el Galaxy S8. Lanzado en abril de 2017.

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My screen is starting to go black where I chipped my phone's glass

I have had my S8 for around 1½-2 years now, and I am more than pleased with the phone. Recently I cracked my phone pretty bad, and with that some of the glass chipped off in the top right hand corner of the phone. Around a week ago, I noticed some of the phone’s display turning black up in that same corner of the screen. Assuming that's what is happening, how do I prevent it from happening anymore to the phone? I would like to maximize the time I have with this phone as long and cheap as possible.

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You can't as the pressure will slow worse and worse damaging the LCD under the glass.

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Oh okay, thank you so much. Looks like I'll be investing in an S10 5G and will have to be more careful and not be so foolish. Once again, thank you for helping me.

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I cannot see any other way only to get your screen replaced It is only going to get worse

Samsung Galaxy S8 Reemplazo de pantalla

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