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Anunciado el 9 de septiembre de 2014, este dispositivo es la primera incursión de Apple en dispositivos portátiles inteligentes. Los manuales de reparación de iFixit son aplicables a Apple Watch (acero) y Apple Watch Sport (aluminio).

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Lcd adhesive strips that actually work?

Hi guys.

Ok ok I know you can buy the adhesive strips to re attach the LCD I have tried several now from different suppliers but they all fail some literally within hours.

Has as anyone found a supplier to any that actually stick it down & could you share please?

Cheers guys.

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Have you tried Fixit's? Reemplazo de adhesivo en Apple Watch

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All adhesives have a weak point! Thats the surface they are trying to adhere. I’m sure thats what you are facing a dirty surface!

What you use to prep the surface could be leaving an oily film or other material thats interfering with the adhesion. I use a three step process to make sure the surfaces are clean.

The first is using distilled water, Yep water! Using a shop wipe and/or cotton swab I go over the area with a cloth or swab slightly damp to clean off the sugars and salts that are on the surfaces going over it a few times gets this done. I’ve personally stopped working on the AppleWatches but I often found this was needed. If the parts still have a lot of adhesive left I sometimes do this second.

The second is to remove any traces of the old adhesive as well as any skin oils. Here I use Goof Off. This will dissolve the old adhesive but it does leave an oily residue! So now we need to clean it off either allowing it to evaporate over a few days.

Or, use reagent grade isopropyl alcohol 90% or higher. The stuff you get over the counter is not clean! This is where I find many people get into trouble! The residues within it leaves a film which interferes with the adhesion. This also will remove any grease or wax as well. I often need to go over the areas a few times to make sure I get it all off.

The last issue is making sure not to touch the surfaces with bare skin! use tweezers and a small metal spatula in the iFixit tool kit. Make sure you wipe them down before you use them.

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Cheers for that but yep apart from the distilled water tried all that the screen I used to replace was brand new so no dirt on that but still gave it a wipe used 99% isopropyl alcohol to clean before I applied new adhesive strip with tweezers & pressed down with a spudger tip to adhere to watch frame first. Used tweezers to remove top adhesive protection & then pressed screen down evenly. I always make sure I don’t touch any of it with my fingers as I know about leaving grease or sweat so I always use rubber surgical gloves whenever I work on any device. I’ll give it a go with the distilled water & try again. Thank you

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