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Modelo A1236 / 4 u 8 GB de capacidad

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White Screen of Death + Corrupted in iTunes

My iPod Nano 3rd Gen recently stopped working. It shows a white screen and iTunes says it’s corrupted. I have tried normal restore and DFU restore. I have also opened it to check the display connector. Is the NAND dead? Is the display dead? The display has a line in it, and the iPod clicks. It makes me feel bad because this was my first handheld Apple device. Please help me!

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Hello. I’ve seen this a lot from when I repair broken iPods. The white screen of death is fairly common. Usually I don’t bother repairing this issue because it is usually caused by loose or damaged components on the motherboard from dropping it or age. You could open it up to see if there’s anything obvious but you are better off replacing it (Or at least replacing the motherboard) It is fairly cheap to replace the motherboard yourself but buying a new one isn’t going to cost much either.

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I don't see any damage internally. Could this still be board-related?

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