My Xiaomi Mi 8 only uses the built-in mic when using earphones.

Every single time I try to use the microphone with ANY earphone on my Mi 8, it only uses the built-in mic, but not the earphone’s mic.

I’ve tried with Airpods, AGK, Samsung earphones, earbuds, etc and the result is always the same.

Is there something I can do?

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If using a Type C USB C to 3.5mm Audio Adapter make sure it also supports switching the microphone on. If you are using a Type C USB C to 3.5mm Audio Adapter that only switches the audio path from speaker to headphones, your headphone mic won't work. Check the specifications.

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@propman hey, thats not the problem since I've used bluetooth earphones and the result was the same, right now I'm using airpods but the mic that is being used is my phone's mic

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Hi @sicronized ,

Try starting the phone in safe mode and check if the BT microphone function works OK.

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