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The Xbox One S, designed by Microsoft Corporation, was released on August 2016. The Xbox One S is a redesign of the Xbox One.

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I have a feeling I have messed up

So I was cleaning my Xbox one S because it was very dusty on the inside. It all goes well, right? I put on the top part of the case (the one with a lot of vent holes), I look around to see if I messed up something, and I notice that my sync button, power button and eject button aren’t clicking. Weird, I thought. I removed the top of the case but I noticed something shocking. The power button from the RF board got ripped off. The eject button and sync button are still there though. How screwed am I? Pic of the button:

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I haven’t opened a One S yet, but that looks to me like a standard tactile dome power button. You could check pictures of replacement boards to check whether it looks like it does on our board.

The picture is a little blurry. The only thing that might be wrong with it that I see could be the power LED. But again: that could be due to the blurryness of the picture

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