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La sexta revisión de Apple a la línea de iPod Touch, lanzada en julio de 2015.

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iPod touch not getting any power

Hi people,

My iPod touch 6 will not power on. When I connect it to a power outlet on my wall (by the way it is 240v Australian) it used to show the connect a charger screen but now when I plug it in it does absolutely nothing. This may have something to do with the cracks on my screen and my device has never been in contact with water or any liquid. I have tried leaving It plugged in for 2.5 hours but nothing. If you have any solutions, feel free to tell them to me.


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Hi Dahcrazychicken,

There could be many reasons your Ipod doesn’t charge. Have you tried your charger with a different device or a different charger on the ipod?

If your charger works with other devices there could be some dirt, that’s obstructing the contacts on the lightning port. (Happens more often, than you think). To fix that you could try cleaning the port using a toothpick or a similar, non conductive, thin object.

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