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Modelos del MacBook Air con pantallas de 13 pulgadas.

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I Forgot admin password

Is there anyway to reset the admin password?

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There are ways but one can't really answer without knowing which Os you're running.

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Are you able to boot up under the recovery partition? Restart your system and press Command (⌘) & R keys.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

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You have to create a new user acct. with full admin. access using terminal is one way, its been awhile, will have to lookup commands to put in, should be available on mac forum websites if you look.

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First of all, is your MacBook account linked to your Apple ID? Because if it is you can use that to change it. But if not, boot into Recovery mode. When the MacBook is booting up hold down the “COMMAND” + “R” at the same time. Select Utilities from the Menu Bar. Select Terminal. Type in “resetpassword” and then press enter. Change you password. For more details you can go here.

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