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Can I fix my bike without replacing the engine?

Howdy all. I’m dumb and left my dipstick halfway in after changing oil on my 2005 honda shadow vt750 aero. I tried starting it up and I think the dipstick got caught up in something because about 3/4 in to an inch of it got broken off, and now my engine is seized. I want to ask if there’s a way I can take off the crank case cover and yank the piece out or if the engine is totally screwed and I need a new one. As far as I know nothing else is wrong with the engine. It had about 10k miles on it and never had any issues.

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That piece of dipstick might be caught in the gears between the crankshaft and the clutch basket. Try this: remove the spark plugs, put the bike in gear, release the clutch, and move the bike backwards and forwards. If it suddenly becomes easier to move, hopefully that was the dipstick piece getting dislodged.

After a while, drain the oil and see if the piece comes out. If that happens, compare the piece with your dipstick to see if you got everything out. If not, the next step might be to either cut the oil filter open to see if the missing pieces ended up there, or remove the side cover and look around.

Hope this works out for you, and don’t forget to reinstall the spark plugs and refill the oil. Oh, and needless to say, get a new dipstick before firing it up again.

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