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Lanzada en USA y Europa el 28 de Julio de 2017, la Nintendo 2DS XL es una consola portátil de la familia de la 3DS XL.

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Can someone help? It wasn't this bad yesterday!

So a week ago, I dropped my 2ds xl, and got this weird purple lighting bolt line across my screen, I tried to ignore untill one day when I opened my 2ds up to see 3 huge blobs of dead pixels! I don't know what to do, I've had this device for a long time, and nothing like this happened before. I'm afraid it's gonna turn my whole screen black! Does anyone have any ideas what I should do?

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Pretty much only one thing you can do and that is open the unit and do a visual inspection for obvious damage. Not expert on these units but I highly suspect your screen is damaged and will have to be replaced. FWIW, I would highly like to be shown that I am wrong and the method of correcting the issue. :-)

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OK, thank u for the advice, I'll try to replace the screen

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He is right, you need to replace the upper screen. Be careful, as it's not an easy repair and the ribbon cable can be damaged easily.

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Thank u, I did not know there was a ribbon cable, I'll have to be extra careful

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My pleasure.

You can take a peek here: New Nintendo 2DS XL Top Screen Replacement

Note: This is regarding the New 2DS XL, so it will be a little different for your system (as it's the 2DS XL), but just to show you what you can expect.

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I did the repair and It went fine thanks to you a million thanks

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Your welcome!

Enjoy your gaming experience!

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