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La familia Mac Mini fue introducida por primera vez en Enero del 2005.

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move data

I purchased a replacement HD for the one that died in my mac mini. I was using time machine to back up to an external hard drive. Once i get the new hard drive installed into the mac mini how do i go about getting the data from my backup to my new unformatted 320 gb hard drive?


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When you first power on, and the setup runs, it should ask you if you want to take the data from a wireless time machine.

If you do not get the setup it may be in System Preferences>Time Machine

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Here's a TUAW article on the subject:

Basically, when you're installing OS X on the new drive, select the option to restore the computer from a Time Machine backup. The TUAW article has the details on where to find the options you need.

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After following one of the hard drive replacement guides, you'll need to install an operating system. Depending on the age of your computer, you can do this by holding command ("⌘") + "R". If you are unfamiliar with installing an operating system, I recommend following this guide.

Once your operating system is installed, you should be greeted with a setup screen. One of the pages will prompt you to restore your backup. Following the steps, and you should be back up in no time!

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