What kind of connector is this?

Hi, i have a broken Blu-Ray board connector (its a long story) but i was wondering what kind of connector it is and what would it be called?

Block Image

it might be hard to see but this is a “BDP_015” board and the connector is on the left of the “BDP” text. Ive tried searching but the only thing i know is that it might be a “FPC or FFC” connector, i also saw that one of the ps4 controllers uses a connector on the touchpad board which looks like my connector but the “BDP_010” board instead. I would love to know what kind of connector it is and how many pins/information that helps me find the right connector.

also just a quick question, if i found the exact connector needed and soldered it back on, would the board work as normally if everything else on my ps4 is working?

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