PP1v8 is 0.7V on an iPhone 7P

Customer brought in an iPhone 7p and told me it died when he was calling someone.

I checked for a shortage and Tried booting with a power supply. It goes to 80mA and stays there. Nothing else happens. Display is black

After that I measured the main voltage lines needed to startup the phone and PP1V8 is 0.6-0.7V. As far I know nothing is shorted. Any suggestion where I should begin looking?

PC doesn’t recognize the phone nor does it charge but that should be because of the incorrect voltage. Read somewhere tristar doesn’t work if pp1v8 isn’t.

Update (08/07/2019)

Fixed the problem, it was L1816 on line: PP1v8_SDRAM. It’s near the CPU and was cracked. No idea how that happened.

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