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Repair information for non-Apple computer keyboards.

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What's the side screw for the K2 Keychron Mechanical Keyboard?

The device in question is the K2 Keychron 84 key Mechanical Keyboard.

I want to remove the keyboard case but there is a screw on the side that’s difficult to identify.

There’s a video here: The quality is blurry but that’s one of the few searches that I did to get the best look of the screw on the side. Here’s another video of the device but doesn’t show the screw:

I want to buy a toolset that’ll be able to remove that screw on the side of that keyboard.

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Can you just post a picture of the one on the side of your keyboard?

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I can't. I don't have the keyboard yet because it won't ship until mid August.

I'm anticipating what screw it is so when the keyboard arrives, I'll be able to open it.

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After looking at some higher quality images, it’s a hexalobe screw. However, you can’t really tell what size it is just from pictures. Try asking the manufacturer.

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I found higher res'd pictures online:


Are those still the hexalobe screws?

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Yes. Ifixit requires comments to be over 12 characters, so this comment is needlessly long.

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