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Touch id home button issue

Sister dropped her iphone 7 and then the onscreen homebutton came on and she lost touch id . Phone then started boot looping

iv visually inspected button and theres no damage i can see .

Weird thing is if you disconnect the earpiece/front cam flex the boot loop stops but you still have no touch id .

reconnect it and boot loop again, disconnect home button boot loop stops

im confused as to what bearing the top flex even . Why does it even impact the boot loop at all ..

iv since tried entering dfu and full reset but goes all way thru then back to boot loop until you disconnect one or the other .

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I suggest trying a new front cam, this may resolve the boot loop just not the home button.

you could try reseating the home button flex`s and trying a new screen to fix the home button but I just maybe that the homebutton is broke.

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Iv tried new screen , reseating button , different camera flex , all same .


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