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Lanzado en junio de 2017, el iPad Pro 10.5 "reemplaza al iPad Pro 9.7 2016".

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How can I fix my lighting port in my IPad Pro 10.5

Hi, My ipad pro 10.5 is not charging and i think it might be my lighting port. Do you think it can be the lighting port or the battery? or even maybe both? Do you think that you can make a repair guide or this? and is it even repairable. Thank you.

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First,there are many possibilities.

First,it’s probably one issue,not 2 completely separate parts such as the battery and port. If anything it would be one or the other.

Now the common sense part…did you try another charger(lightning cable AND wall plug)? Does iTunes recognize it? Does it shows signs of power? Does it power on but the charge indicator doesn’t go up?

You can check the charge port for dust and lint. Use a toothpick and some isopropyl alcohol(rubbing alcohol) to clean the port. Do not use anything metal to clean the port or you can short 2 pins together through the conductive tool. Use a tooth pick and pour a tiny bit of alcohol onto the tooth pick then scrape lint in the port. Also look into it after and see if you can see any obvious damage.

Theres a guy at work who just cleaned his port when his phone stopped charging. It works fine now.

If the above doesn’t work,you can get a usb amp meter and see if it is charging. The amp meter is a usb stock that goes in between your wall plug and usb. It reads the current draw to see if any current(electricity) is being pulled into the iPad.

If none of these options work,it can always be a bad battery. The only way to know is to replace it(or plug another one in before completely swapping).

Sometimes a port can be just “bad”. Usually there’s visible damage with the port itself,but it could have gone bad internally to the iPad. You’d have to try another one to know for sure in that case.

Theres an ic chip called tristar that communicates with chargers. It basically tells the iPad it can trust the charger. If you use a cheap lightning cable,it can trick this ic chip that it’s safe to charge all the time. It’s easier to design a cable that always says to charge rather than actually telling tristar that it’s safe or not safe and communicating with it to warn it if there’s a voltage spike or something. This can take out tristar if there’s a voltage spike and damage it. This can cause no signs of power and no charging. Let me know if you used a knockoff gas station cable or something.

Let me know how this goes for you if you want. I can help more.

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