New 2DSXL will charge but not turn on?

Bought a faulty Pokeball 2DSXL to try to fix it.

Came with the box and everything, the screens even still have the protectors on them. However, it won’t turn on. I’ve tried replacing the battery with a new one. It’ll charge it up, but still won’t turn on. No sounds, nothing.

I looked over the main motherboard on the bottom and nothing looks off (though I did lose one of the screws now, yay) so I took the entire board off, disconnecting any ribbons, and threw it into a sonic cleaner with isopropyl alcohol (not the battery of course that I took out). Reconnected it and still nothing. Though I did notice that some connections around the cartridge reader and other metallic cases like that did have some white powder, but I cleaned that off.

Looking for information, I read about people bricking their handhelds rooting them improperly. However, given that they didn’t even take off the screen protectors, I don’t think that’s it.

Any idea as to what could keep it from booting?

I’ve also seen people say that it could be the screens are broken/the ribbons are broken and that won’t let it boot. Is there any way to test this without buying a new one first?

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