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Repair guides and support for the Dell U211 external display.

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Vertical lines on Dell U2417H

Vertical lines. Always one about 1/4 screen from right. Sometimes two close together and sometimes a third or even fourth more to the center. Same issue with different computers different cables.

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Please tells us what you have found out about this issue so far so we don’t repeat same advice. Is there a recall on this monitor? Maybe you have a lemon?

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I have been using the monitor every day for about one year.

I bought it through Amazon. I contacted Dell who told me that this monitor is in their records as 'returned'. It should be in their warehouse. No issue with Dell. Good company.

I contacted the seller. Their warranty is for one year. It was sold as new but they do not extend the Dell warranty.

Amazon may step up but it is not their responsibility. It looks like I'm the victim of some fraud -- though it could be simply an error in the record -- and I'm going to have to take the loss

Or I could try to repair the monitor myself. I saw this could be a loose cable but it could be some other issue. I don't know anything about monitors beyond how to plug them in and turn them on but I am not afraid of tinkering with hardware. I can take things apart and sometimes even put them back together.


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