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Guías de reparación y soporte para teléfonos inteligentes fabricados por Doogee.

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Where do I change my cracked screen in Singapore

How to change cracked screen in singapore for Doogee MIX

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Hi Siva Balan 

Some places you can consider, but take extra caution and ask around for the repair price and part cost, and total cost.

I’m afraid this model is not readily stocked, so either may need to wait…. or etc.

Sim Lim Square is one of it, you can walk around and ask.…. but also infamous for ripping off and scams…

Some may ask you sign some forms…… if you unsure do not commit and be warned on hard sells…. sadly there are alot of crooks like to do bad or conned jobs….. to target unsuspecting customers.

If you confident, you can get the display assembly at aliexpress….

maybe ask a friend or who to help you do the replacement.

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