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Model A1288 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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Foolproof way to open without cracking LCD or digitizer?

Hey everyone, I've done some repairs on iPod touches before, probably 10 2gs. I find these extremely difficult to open without cracking the LCD, digitizer, or both. Can anyone give me a method of opening them without breaking? I've used pry tools, putty knife, and a couple other objects but I usually have the same result.

I know how to put the tool between the metal frame and the plastic bezel, and I know where the clips are, but I always seem to break one or the other.

In videos for repairing, the person seems to be able to open them in a matter of a minute, and with no damage. If anyone has any tips I would be very grateful. I'm getting a couple tomorrow to repair and would like to avoid any more damage.Thanks!

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Hey, honestly it is just up to practice. When I first started repairing these units I would get so angry at the fact that I would basically throw money away breaking the screen instead of being able to re-use them, however after some time, it get pretty easy.

I can even do it watching TV :).

I would highly recommend buying the metal spugder tools that they sell here on iFixit. It comes in a set of 4 awesome tools.

Start by the volume rocker and work your way down to the home button.

Btw, how do you start?

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I have lately been starting on the top right clip. I had great luck with it the first time I began there, and the digitizer just popped off with no marks at all. When you start by the volume button, do you run the spudger down that side, or do you release each clip individually? And do you continue to go along the bottom, and then the opposite side? In the videos, people can just run it down once and release them all. I have no idea how haha.

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