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iPod touch 5th charging but won't turn on

Hi, i have a ipod touch 5th that won’t turn on. I connected it to an ammeter and it shows that it’s charging but i can’t get it to turn on at all so i assume it could be a logic board issue? I couldn’t find and info but is there any way to test the logic board on ipods to see what the issue is?

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What I do on no power apple devices with lightning connectors is either charge the battery externally or plug in an adapter that allows powering the phone off a DC bench power supply.

If the phone ends up turning on I can pretty much safely say the charging chip needs to be replaced. Anything board level on iPods IMO is not going to be worth fixing.

The battery is soldered on so what I would do is externally charge the lithium battery with 4.7V from a DC bench power supply and then re-solder back on and see if it turns on.

It’s most likely either going to be a bad battery or charging chip gone bad (can’t charge flat batteries).

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I took a multimeter to the battery and it shows 3 volts. I know it's not worth fixing for board level issues. I have a couple broken ipods so was just seeing if i could get it going again and if not then i'll leave it be.

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Connect ur iPod to ur mac

Check whether it shows in your iTunes

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No, iTunes does not recognize it and I can’t get it into recovery mode either.

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