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La tan esperada actualización de la popular MacBook Air, con procesadores Intel Core i5, una pantalla Retina actualizada y muchos otros cambios y actualizaciones. Lanzado el 7 de noviembre de 2018.

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MacBook Air 2018 screen cable

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Please help me, today I was in the service and I was told that the cable that is bent on the photo is not a cable but an elastic band and I do not need to worry.  But I can not understand where is the cable that transmits information to the screen

Block Image

show where the cable from the screen to the board and it costs me to worry about the bend in the photo

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Here’s a good view of the cables between the display assembly and the T-CON board.

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Clearly the cable is damaged. From your picture it appears the gap is larger than I expect.

In any case I would visit an Apple Store as this should be covered under warranty. Hopefully you got AppleCare+ which would help here and you’re still within the warranty coverage window. Don’t wait to long as the clock is ticking here!

You may need to claim a warranty exception if they give you a hard time. Be polite but firm, if the first person doesn’t give you the correct answer ask to speak to the manager and work up from there until you get it covered.

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unfortunately my laptop is only two days old and it was a marriage from the factory

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I would return it and get your money back from the seller.

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Based on the texture of this ribbon, it’s obviously an actual cable.

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Yeah, it has circuit trace patterns on it. I've seen inside the rubber elastic flaps they used and they should be smooth and flat with no markings.

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