Rear Camera not working

Hi, I have been repairing an iPhone 7 Plus that came to me from a shop stating the phone had been abused (thrown in anger). The rear camera is not working but the front camera is. The shop replaced the camera and LCD and it is still not working so sent it to me.

I noticed that it also wasn’t charging. Replacing Tristar fixed that one.

I used the iBridge to measure resistance and voltages on the two rear camera connectors and found everything to be OK except that the line PP2V8_UT_AF_VAR was at 0V. I believe that this is required and turned on when the camera app is running (but could be wrong). This line goes to both amplifiers UTAH and NEVADA and is generated by the Power Management IC on Buck 09.

I have replaced both UTAH and NEVADA ICs U2501 and U3000 and still no rear camera. Resistance (diode mode) is fine on the PP2V8_UT_AF_VAR line too. Is this the fault or am I chasing rabbits? I do not believe that this power rail would be on all the time so who tells the PMIC to turn it on- the CPU? I don’t want to replace the PMIC unless I have to but it is looking like my next best option. Looking for any other ideas and hopefully expand for everyone how the circuit works for all. Thanks for any input…..

If there are no suggestions I will try and change the PMIC -is this a good idea?

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