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Is it possible to replace the all in one cable?


I just was given an 30” Apple Cinema HD Display with a crushed USB plug and a slightly crushed DVI plug. Looks like the all in one cable that these ports are attached to is not detachable from the outside. Is it possible to replace just the all in one cable… or is this just not possible at all?

If it is possible to do this a link to a guide on how to do said thing would be much appreciated along with a link to a replacement all in one cable.


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Very much possible. But based on my research it will cost you just as much as buying a working used monitor just like it off eBay. You would need a donor monitor or the cable by itself and tools. Here is the link to the disassembly.

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Thanks! I saw that guide too, it's just more of me needing to find the actual all in one cable now...

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