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Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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3DS Charging only for a few seconds before promptly stopping.

For details I haven’t use my 3DS for about week or 2 before deciding to play it,

3DS is working fine until I charge it, would only charge for a few seconds and its not even fully charges.

Decided to buy a new charger, same results, change the battery, same results.

Although if I leave the 3DS for a long duration of time take for example 4 hours and proceeds to charge it again, the charging would last more by a minute or more until it stops.

The 3DS recognise that a charger is on it with the battery charging symbol on the top right of the screen but instead of a orange indicator. a blue one appears.

Block Image

Any idea what’s the problem?

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Your chargers are fine. This is a battery problem.

You can read this guide for replacing your 3DS Battery: Nintendo 3DS Battery Replacement

Here is a replacement battery: Nintendo 3DS Replacement Battery

If you need any help please reply to this answer.



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I haven't actually brought a new battery, although I have two 3DS batteries (one from the console itself and another from a broken one), decided to swap the batteries same result. I can always try to buy a new battery but that will take time on my part.

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Are you sure both batteries actually work? Is there an swelling on the batteries?

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I actually tried using the my old broken 3DS to charge, its working on both batteries. The problem probably lies on the charging port of my current 3DS or Power receivers... I could always perhaps use my old 3DS as a source of spare parts but I'm not confident with my soldering skills.

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Anyway thank you for taking your time on my problem, sir John.

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I found an article on someone who has had this issue before, which you can find here: My 3ds won't charge anymore

Credit to @lpfaff1 for that answer. Feel free to mark this as answer if this solves your problem.

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If the battery is fine, check the F2 fuse

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