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The 5th generation BMW 3 Series is based on the E9X platform. The car pictured is a E90 chassis. The E9X chassis was used from 2004-2013 when the F1X chassis was released. When talking about a non-specific chassis, this generation is typically referred to as the E9X chassis since there are multiple chassis for this generation of 3 series, depending on the body style (E90/E91/E92/E93).

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Trouble after replacing valve cover gasket

2006 BMW 325i N52 Engine

147XXX miles

Parts used:

1. NGK (1208) ILZFR6D11 Laser Iridium Spark Plugs

2. MAHLE VS50533 valve cover gasket

3. Victor Reinz Valve Cover Screw Set

Repairs done:

Replaced spark plugs

Replaced valve cover gasket


The car started to idle roughly and hesitate while driving. Eventually I got a misfire in two cylinders.

When I went to replace the spark plugs I noticed cyl 1/3 had oil in the cylinder well. So, I changed the

valve cover gasket. However, I forgot to tighten the 3 middle 10mm bolts (22 bolts total) that held on the valve cover.

All bolts are 10Nm + 90deg

I tried to start the car before I realized the the bolts were loose. It would not crank. NOOOO!

After tightening the 3 bolts I left loose, I tried to crank again. No luck

I checked the spark plug cylinder wells and the valve cover to oil leaks - there was none.

I pulled out the spark plugs, and every one of them had what looked like oil/black residue on the electrodes, not the threads.

I cleaned all of them off, and tried to crank again - no luck

I pulled out the spark plugs again, and all of them had the same oil/black residue on them?

I'm assuming the problem cranking the car has to do with the spark plug electrodes having oil/residue on them - at least

that's my first guess.

Any help would be awesome!

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2 Respuestas

The head gasket is what ensures that no oil or coolant gets into the cylinders.

Valve cover gaskets ensures no oil leaks out of the valve train.

Engine turns over but no fire? Or does not turn over at all?

Check oil dip stick for a foamy build up, this will indicate water is in the crank case and indicate that there is an issue the head, it could be warped or cracked or the head gasket is blown and oil and coolant is getting in and fouling your spark plugs.

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The engine turns over well, and is just short of starting.

This car has no dip stick. It is monitored by the console. Is there another way to check issues with the head gasket?

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