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Ipega 9076 left analog stick moving right and left on its own

So I bought this controller online and been using it on pc and Android playing emulated games and it was working okay but then after a week i noticed my character moving to the left but i wasnt pressing anything. I’ve looked up some solutions and tried them but nothing has worked so far.

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exactly the same , did you find any soulution ?

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I also have a problem with this controller. When I'm playing a game either minecraft bedrock edition or other android games that is controller supported, whenever I try to fully move the right analog stick left and right it would turn right then stop ro stutter, then there's moments it would turn to the opposite direction

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You mentioned that you had tried some possible solutions? What were they?

This kind of sounds like a controller dead zone issue. Sometimes controllers' analog sticks don't return perfectly to the center, especially over time as they gather up dirt and other grime. This is where dead zone's come into play. They essentially add a radius offset from the center which makes anything within that radius effectively 0 and not able to register any action. Have you tried to tweak the dead zone settings in your emulator? They'll typically have one.

Apologies if you’ve already tried this.

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I'll try that on pc but i dont think emulators on android have dead zone settings.

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How do I find the dead zone settings. I am using my PG-9118 for IOS COD Mobile and the right joystick is automatically moving left and right.

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Ok, sooo you wanna stop trying to impress strangers with your rediculous sounding vocabulary that makes no sense? Lol zero offset radius, you sir need to lay off the drugs and get back to reality. That gentleman didn't ask how they were created to act, he asked for SOLUTIONS.... Mr vocabulary lol can't even answer a SIMPLE QUESTION.. usually those that try to Google these vocabulary terms, are generally the less educated, ESPECIALLY when it comes to posts online the way he did HA HA HA

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