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Procesador Intel Core i7 de cuatro núcleos a 2.3, 2.6 o 2.7 GHz (Turbo Boost hasta 3,7 GHz) con 6 MB de caché L3 compartida.

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Why is bluetooth faulty?

Occasionally, when I connect bluetooth headphones to my Mac, the sound will cut in and out. Does anyone know why or how to fix this? Also: here is the screenshot of my battery info for reference:

Block Image

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Do you find one port is worse than the other?

You might want to check your music source are you streaming or accessing a local copy?

How is the battery? give this app a try and post a snapshot of the main window here so we can see CoconutBattery. Follow this to post it Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

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@danj Ok so now that I am in a different location the bluetooth issue is nonexistent. I will test out local files vs. streaming when I get to my location as soon as I can, but in the mean time, I added the battery info.

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If your headphones work without problems the most likely cause is interference. Bluetooth operates at the same frequency as a lot of other devices, and therefore they can interfere with each other.

Most at often the cause is one you wouldn’t suspect, for instance a microwave close by (which can also be at the neighbors, depending on its proximity). They can be notoriously ‘leaky’ and since they operate in the same 2.4 ghz band, cause the effects you’re describing.

In more rare cases WiFi 2.4ghz networks can interfere as well, especially if there’s an access point that doesn’t obey the power limitations.

unfortunately, this makes it something you can’t really fix (except trying to find the most likely offender and eliminate it). If you can’t move to a different spot (where the interference is less or absent), wired headphones are the way to go :)

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Ok thank you. Do you know if upgrading my airport card from the 2012 version to the 2013 version(only other one that fits) would help with that?

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Unfortunately I don’t know for sure, but I suspect it won’t make much of a difference.

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