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Best way to clean red wine stains from Wine Glasses

My red wine glasses have stains. What's the best way to clean them?


I also noticed that lipstick is not coming off in the dishwasher.

With the hard water here I end up cleaning with LimeAway. Usually rinse the glasses with water and put them in the dishwasher. But getting lipstick off seems to be tougher. BTW, I don't drink alone.

@kaykay The San Luis Obispo wines I got for my birthday were very much appreciated, and shared with a very fine lady ;-)

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Do you wash with soap or are you one of the "water" people?

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You could try to soak them in water with vinegar.

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mayer, first of all you should rinse your glasses immediately after using them ;-) don't be like me and leave them till the next morning....:-) Anyhow I found the best way of cleaning anything that stains my glasses as well as my ceramic coffee mugs (heavy coffee drinker) I use the cheapest denture cleaning tablet (dollar store brand)and let them dissolve inside the decanter or even the coffeepot. Hope this helps and makes sense.

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If it's stubborn try putting uncooked rice in the bottom of the glass with a little water and then swill round and round. the rice won't scratch the glass but it will take off the dried grapes. or you can make a paste from lemon juice and sodium bicarbonate.

or you could make sure you drink all your wine and stop wasting those last little drops! :-)

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I could just swill it down out of the bottle and not worry about glasses ;-)

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you are posh! we used to only buy "casks" the cheap 3L in a cardboard box variety...

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Sad to see so many ppl judging others negatively. Stop it okay? Vinegar works great. Soak the glasses in a solution of water and vinegar. No specific ratio and dry them with any towel. Even paper towel will rub off the film.

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Victoria We work with other every day and kid each other, there's nothing negative here.

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