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Is it legal to add R22 to my own system?

So I noticed that you can purchase R-22 refrigerant from eBay which I assume is the recycled stuff. If I'm understanding correctly you do not need a license to buy the recycled R-22. Is that correct?

If it is legal to buy without a license from eBay then my next question is can I add it to my own system without any EPA license?

I'm in Missouri, not sure if there are restrictions from different states or not.


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First if you need to recharge your AC unit what was is the current refrigerant in it? And did you fix the leaks as recharging it won’t last if you still have leaks.

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It's got R-22 in it. I intend to put a sealer in before adding anything to the system to help prevent further leaking.

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A leak sealer only works with micro holes (.10 mm or smaller the size of your hair) not gasket issues or larger leaks from corrosion..

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Thanks for the info on sealers. I'll have to check for leaks with a detector and then run some sealer through the lines and see if it helps fill any existing holes.

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I have my own gauges. I know where to buy refrigerant. I am competent to do the job.

I can get arrested for spitting on the sidewalk. It’s only illegal if I get caught so I do my best to not do it to often or in public.

In Texas:

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BTW my R22 central air conditioner is working just great, thank you!

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Only in the south-eastern quarter of America where freedom means more to those who live there than petty government provided "security." Thanks for your answer.

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