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Model A1288 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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Backlight - Where does ribbon cable coming off of the backlight go?

'Ello, All

I replaced the LCD in my 2nd gen. Touch following your guides. Now backlight doesn't work. If you look at the back of the display with the metal plate removed you can see where the ribbon cable leaves the LCD. This part of the ribbon cable looks like a wide, upside down U with the right leg being very short and is a dead end. However, underneath there are 2 strips of solder that look like they should press against something. I do not remember disconnecting this cable and I have looked and looked and cannot see anything in the area they could make contact with. Yet they appear to go straight into the backlight assembly. It appears to supply power to the backlight. I took the old display totally apart [all the mylar sheets and reflectors and everything] and found these 2 traces are the only ones entering the backlight assemby. Do these supply the power to the backlight? If so, where do they connect to? Thank you for your time. Have a Good One! Love, Peace and Perception


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Hey, Hugo

Thanks, great idea! I will try that tonight. I thought that was where the power came from but that other cable looked so obvious it had me thinking [seldom a good idea! hahaha]. Would you happen to know what voltage the backlight uses?

Thanks again. Have a Good One! Love, Peace and Perception


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Hey, I've actually wondered this myself, but never actually took the time to trace it, I believe it is simply the connection point.

In any case, the power for the back light is not supplied there, it comes from the connecter. Make sure the LCD connector is completely pushed in, it should be flush with the board and you should hear a small audible click.

Try the old LCD, if there is no back light on the one, the connector may have received damage.

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Hmm that a good question wizard, well I believe the connector takes in about 5 V, but that could mean anything for the LCD. Let me do some testing, hopefully help you out. I'll post back with some result :)

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Thank you, Hugo. The only thing that makes me doubt that it is 5 volts is that the battery is only 3.7 volts. So unless they send the power through an oscillator circuit so a step up transformer can be used, it would probably be 3.7 volts or less, or am I overlooking something? Also, will a low/bad battery keep the backlight from working even if the iPod is hooked up to the charger [computer, actually]? It shows it is charging but there is only a sliver of red after 2 days on the charger. The old backlight did not work either. Thanks again. Wizard2468 [Am I supposed to put replies here or under where I asked the question? I am brand new to this site.]

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