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Compaq Elite 8300 all-in-one

I have four of these computers that will not complete POST. They produce an error code of a solid red power LED and five beeps. This actual error code does not exist in the HP Maintenance and Service Guide under heading “Diagnostic front panel LEDs and audible codes”. Power Supply tested good (fans run); replaced SODIMM with known working module; replaced CPU with known working CPU.

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Hi @hammer2nail

check if there are any discrete graphic card installed on the mainboard.

If there are, try removing first and observe if it boots up.


Hi @hammer2nail ,

Do the beeps change if you try to start the computer(s) without any RAM at all?

Also just because the fans run doesn't mean that the PSU is OK.

Have you tried the paper clip test and use a Voltmeter to test that all the voltages(+12V, -12V, 5V & 3.3V) from the PSU are being supplied and are of the correct value?



Thank you for your suggestion, There is not an optional "discrete" graphics card installed in this computer.


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I just read the manual and it does explain what red LED and 5 beeps is. “Pre-video memory error.”

It goes on to say:

  • Reseat the DIMM’s
  • Replace one at a time to isolate faulty module
  • Replace third-party memory with HP (though just make sure they are DDR3L-1600 or 1866 1.35v, etc.)


  • Replace system board

If the RAM are, in fact, the correct ones and seated properly then it may be the system board.

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