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Fourth generation 2-In-1 convertible laptop released on 2015. Succeeding the Yoga 3 Pro, the Lenovo Yoga 900 (also known as the Yoga 4 Pro) sports a durable 360° watchband hinge, an ultra thin chassis, and extended battery life.

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No bootable storage detected from BIOS or Windows.

My Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK2 is unable to detect its original Samsung NVMe PCIe M.2 drive. I'm certain the drive is working fine because I’ve tested it in another computer and everything was peachy. I’m not certain why this laptop can’t seem to pick it up.

I was able to boot into a portable Windows 10 flash drive on the laptop without issue. My plan here was to install a newer version of the BIOS because from what I’ve been reading this laptop sets up the drives in RAID mode which I was curious if that could be the issue. It seems like it’s lost the driver for the SSD though more than likely. I can’t install a newer version of the BIOS from a flash drive (shocker?) so I’m not really sure how to proceed from here with troubleshooting.

I’ve tried another drive in the laptop as well, a WD Blue NAND SSD drive, I’m not super familiar with NAND drives, but I’m guessing they’re compatible with the laptop’s NVMe PCIe port.

Does anyone know more about this issue? Every time I try to get more information I’m hit with a bunch of useless Lenovo websites or something about people being upset that they couldn’t install Linux due to the RAID setting. Any and all help is appreciated!

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So I got my adapter for SATA to USB and plugged in an external hard drive which allowed me to update the bios… this is where it gets kinda funny. I think at some point I must have changed the boot setting from UEFI to Legacy which for some reason makes the drive not show up in the BIOS. This was likely due to the fact that the internal drive wasn't bootable (coulda sworn I installed Windows 10 and tested it on my desktop)

I switched it back to the proper setting and realized that the drive, in fact, was not bootable. So I set up a USB drive Windows installer and installed Windows on the drive. Everything is working fine now.

Interesting that you don't seem to be able to update the BIOS from a USB drive… good to know for the future I guess.

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What I recommend is setting the BIOS settings on the laptop to AHCI and then try doing a fresh install of windows 10 (If windows can detect the partition of the drives during install it should be OK) if you don’t need the information off the drive.

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Hey Ben, thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately the whole RAID setting is why the Linux guys were up in arms to begin with. This laptop's BIOS locks the setting to RAID mode with no way to change it. After people got upset enough, Lenovo released a BIOS specifically for Linux which unlocks this setting. Linux doesn't have the Intel RAID support like Windows does so that's why it doesn't work unless you can set it to AHCI. Unfortunately I can't change the setting without swapping to the Linux BIOS... which I would totally do if I could actually update the BIOS. I haven't been able to find any ways of just flashing the BIOS from a flash drive since all of Lenovo's BIOS updates come in the form of an .EXE...

I'm not sure if the flash drive is the problem with trying to update the BIOS so I've ordered a SATA to USB adapter and I'll test with an actual HDD/SSD.

This laptop shipped with storage drivers specifically for Samsung NVMe drives so another thought I had was that maybe that driver is corrupt.

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If the machine can boot off an external hard drive you can use a portable windows and run the BIOS update flasher exe file.

I use this software to make portable windows 10 for external drives and usbs for testing:

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That's what I've been trying to do. I got the portable Windows usb working but the .exe file starts but I think it's crashing... Not sure why, there doesn't seem to be any kind of logging for it.

Planning on trying to use an external SSD once the adapter comes in. Will update with that.

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run it as admin or it just stops soons as you start it

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