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Modelo A1181: procesador Core 2 Duo de 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2 o 2.4 GHz

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What causes a White Screen/ Grey Screen on A1181?

I've got a used 2006/2007 A1181 Core 2 Duo 2.0 ghz Macbook.

On start up i get a blank white/grey screen with start up tone. As far as I know (what I was told) the HD was wiped clean.

None of the start-up commands that I've heard of make any difference, including holding "C" while booting from the brand new set of restore discs I got from Apple. I've reset the P-ram, I've removed the ram chip and tried it in both slots while ensuring that it was properly seated. Ive attempted connecting an external display with a "mini-dvi to HDMI" connector to my TV, TV said no support. (don't know if there is a setting in the mac to use an external display or if it should automatically adapt?) I just tried booting in TDM to a Windows XP based PC running MacDrive 8. Macdrive shows the Macbook HD as being empty with 148gb free (in accordance with what I was told by the previous owner) and upon running repair option it finds no errors.

Not sure where to go from here, logic would suggest that the display and or display cable is kaput. But I've read some things that suggest the logic board may be the problem or the HD (I don't totally trust what MacDrive said 100%) and at $200 bucks for the display and cable I don't want to buy them only to find out that it needs another $200+ in parts.

Is there another way of testing the HD and/or more importantly the Logic Board? Short of taking to the Apple store, which is roughly a 2 hour drive. I'm not even sure they would touch it being that its long since out of warranty.

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The majority of the time I get a clients machine in that has a white/grey screen after trying to boot, It is almost always the hard drive has gone belly up. To test it is very easy. Pull the battery, undo three screws holding the memory/hard drive cover on, and pull out the hard drive from its storage location. Put new drive in the caddy and put it back in the computer and put the cover and battery back on. Power up computer and you will most likely see a symbol on the screen showing you do not have a system installed. Get you install disks and reload. The drive will run about $60 and the felling of doing it yourself: Priceless

I would use a 2.5" SATA drive between 250-500 GB. Try and not get fancy. A Blue box Western Digital will work just fine (5400 RPM ) The black box is 7200 RPM but may not give the performance boost it would in a MacBook Pro.

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+ agreed on the possibility of the hard drive being bad.

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So I can use any 2.5" SATA drive? I figured i would need some shmancy Apple certified drive or something like that.

7200 RPM wont hurt it though will it, I know it came with a 5400 RPM drive? Also is there any limit to capacity, as long as im replacing the HD it cant hurt to upgrade?

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I would use a Western Digital 2.5" SATA 5400 Drive. I would limit the size to 500GB. I would not use a larger or faster drive in your machine. You do not need an Apple logo'd drive for your computer. The Blue Box WD drive is great and has a good warranty.

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So i put in a WD 2.5" 5400RPM 500Gb SATA drive and nothing happened.

Now what?

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Have you Put in your system install disk and try to set it up? If not please do that next from the system disk and under the utility tab at the top. After setting up please go back and tell it to install system.

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Please hook it up to an actual monitor, not a TV, and let us know your results. When starting insert your system installation disk and hold the "C" key down until it completes booting.

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Hooked it up to an older Samsung Syncmaster via the same HDMI cable and adapter and got the same white screen on the Mac and "No Signal" on the monitor. However after 90-100 seconds the Mac screen flashes black and back to white and then the external monitor displays a solid light blue screen, without the "no signal" message (so its apparently getting something.) Its doing this both with holding the "C" key down the whole time and not touching it at all.

Just for kicks I tested the monitor and cable with my Apple TV and they work just fine together.

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Cellers, you know where I was going. I happened to like mactechs answer better than mine. If you have something that will help. please feel free to add your own answer.

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I'm curious if you are getting any video output at all. If you boot the machine and hold down option, you should load the boot manager and at least get a black arrow. Dis-connect the hard drive, boot the machine and hold down option and lemme know what happens..also as a side note

simple solution, take it to the apple store. Diagnosis is free, and I'm not sure the original drive in the machine had an operating system on it. If it's just a matter of installing the OS to a new drive, they should be more than willing. Again, for free.

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