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Una plancha para ropa es una superficie calentada generalmente triangular que se utiliza para eliminar las arrugas de la tela.

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Does someone know how to disassemble Philips PerfectCare GC9220 iron


Does anyone know how to disassemble part 17 on page 4 of the service manual ?

One of the switches is not working anymore and I’d like to fix it.



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Hi @benoitmagicien

Well I guess

Most probably you need to get this

iFixit Opening Tool

The plastic seems to be clipped

take note on the red catch of the plastic when your remove

Block Image

Imagen de iFixit Opening Tool


iFixit Opening Tool


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Thanks for your input, actually, the red catch I can get out easily, the whole back part is also not attached, so those things are not plastic catches.

Basically, i can lift the front and the back, but it's blocked by something (probably plastic catches) around the whole in the middle. And I can't get to the screws you circles without removing part 17 first...

- de

Hi @benoitmagicien

work slowly, if you have a opener, that's great, else if have a used credit card, can slot in and try removing it, but slow and steady.

If you feel there are a lot of resistance or suspect there is a screw, slow down or stop.

- de


There is a lot of resistance, but there is no screw to access.

Here's what it looks like from the top :


- de

able to take out 18 and part 13 first?

- de

That seems like a very very good idea !!

I'll try that first thing when I get home and keep you posted !

Thanks !!!!

- de

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