No Video But Sound On Samsung Plasma TV PS50C550G1W

Hi there!

I recently bought a second-hand Plasma Screen TV, in hopes of fixing it. When I first took a look at it, the TV was basically dead (no sound, no video, no LED, etc...) . However, after opening it up, I found and replaced some bad transistors on the Y sus board. I plug it in again, and progress! The TV now is responsive to the remote control, and has sound, but unfortunately still no video. The screen stays dark, except for when I switch the TV on with the remote, where it then almost imperceptibly brightens for a second or so and dims again. After some testing I could see that the VS voltage would build up, but then almost immediately go down again.

Still wondering if my Y board was faulty, I disconnected it and tried a conduit with a lamp. When the TV was turned on, the bulb shone for a second, and then faded away again.

I'm currently stumped, and would greatly appreciate any help!



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