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Over-ear headphones designed for gaming, generally tuned to enhance spatial awareness and built with a microphone to allow communication with other players.

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What is the proper wiring for HyperX Core Stinger TRRS connector?

I am rewiring a broken TRRS connector.

Unfortunately, the plug was so damaged that I am unable to probe the TRRS plug with the wires to determine the positions.

Since most HyperX devices are CTIA - the wiring should be:

Tip - Left Audio

Ring 1 - Right Audio

Ring 2 - Ground

Sleeve - Microphone

My issue is that it seems I have 6 wires.

RED / GREEN / Striped BLUE-COPPER / BLUE / WHITE with surround copper

The colors don’t seem to matter. Doing research on this yielded different color combination wiring from different headsets.

So I was looking for advice / confirmation on my wiring.

So for I have the audio working but not the mic.

(as an extraneous question, should the mic work if connected to a smartphone?

I wired it

TIP - GREEN (Left Audio)

Ring1 - RED ( Right Audio)

Ring 2 - Striped Blue-Copper (Ground)

Sleeve - White (Mic)

My direct question is:

Is the copper souring the white wire the Mic ground and attached to Ring 2?

Where does the blue wire go? Is that also a ground for the audio or mic?

I would really appreciate some help. Thank you.

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For those who may benefit from my attempts

Before you solder — You must find the connection on the end on a multimeter as some TRRS connector ends are wired differently.

Regardless of the color the wiring - HyperX headsets seem to always be wired as TRRS CTIA style:

(You can usually find out on the product documentation page)

Below is how I wired the HyperX Stinger Core with the color wires as reference.

Tip - Left Audio ( Green )

Ring 1 - Right Audio ( Red )

Ring 2** - Ground (Striped Blue-Copper color + Copper outer “shell” of the White wire)

  • There may also be an additional colored wire as another ground. I had a Blue wire I attached to Ring 2

Sleeve - Mic ( White )

All of the wires must be “stripped” before soldering as they have thin enamel coating.

Stripe the wires by using lighter to gently singe the coating off. Be careful as the wire will quickly catch fire if exposed to a flame too long.

As for the Mic (white) wire, I recommend that you use the heat from the soldering iron to melt it off as I found using a lighter too harsh, and scrapping with a tool too difficult.

After, I recommend you use a blunt scrapping tool or sand paper to gently remove any burn residue.

When testing the AUDIO connections you must have the Striped Color (GROUND) connected or nothing will be heard.

When testing the MIC connection you must have the outer Copper wire grounded or the mic will not work.

After my wiring, I had FULL R / L Audio with volume wheel working and a functional mic.

Hope this helps others.

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Thanks, it really helped.

- de

This info was just right thanks, I just fixed my boys cloud stinger headset bought in the UK circa 2018.

Had 5 wires, red was right, green was left, the white core of the copper was mic, the copper core around the white + the blue + the copper/blue twist wire all went to ground. Hyperx refused to give out any info.

- de

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Block Image

To help, the white one is surrounded by copper cables, so you need to separate.

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Thanks for this solution, but I have a question. Should I connect the grounds separately or twist the wires together and solder?

- de

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