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Televisions made by the Chinese multinational electronics company, TCL.

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TCL 55US57 Has lines on the left side

I have a TCL 55US57 TV. It has started to have lines on the left side of the screen. Any idea what I can do to repair this?

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@beagle187 could be a bad T-con board, bad wiring or a bad panel. I’d start with the T-con board. For a decent repair video check on here Replacement boards are available at places like this and many more.

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I will try ordering the repair kit. It comes with all 3 main parts. Are you sure it's not a bad panel? I don't see any cracks in it.

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The LCD panel does not have to have cracks to fail. The issue can be related to the circuit board (LCD controller board) that is connected directly to the panel via some very thin ribbon cables. Those cables are "glued" to the LCD panel. you can check and push on those ribbon cables and see if that changes it. If it restores the picture even for a brief moment you know it is the TAB , hence the panel , that has failed.

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