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Magicchef won't keep cool (model# HMBR440SE)

I put a cup of water in the freezer. It took over a day to full freeze. A few days letter it melted and barely refreezes. What can be wrong and how would I fix the fridge?

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i have the same model which was given to me. it worked when i received it but it sat in my backyard for several months .now it wont turn on. the light works ,nothing else.

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might want to check for icy buildup on evaporator coil, behind cover/panel at back of freezer (inside). regular defrost cycles are supposed to be keeping the coils clear of buildup, using a defrost timer to initiate the cycle, and a defrost heater/element to melt away frost accumulating on the coils.

empty your freezer contents, remove the shelves, and find the panel that is covering the coils at the back. remove the screws holding the panel/cover, remove the cover, and visually inspect the coil for this icy buildup. if present, unplug the frig and allow the ice to melt away. if you’re careful you can use a hair dryer to melt the ice away faster. when the ice has melted, soak up the melt water and wipe the interior down with a towel.

you should also use the opportunity to look at the small fan just above the coils. make sure the blades aren’t broken, and that nothing is preventing the fan from turning freely. give it a little spin. it shouldn’t have much resistance, and it shouldn’t wobble, etc. if the blades are damaged, if it doesn’t spin easily and freely, etc., this may be your problem. this fan is what helps circulate the frigid air that keeps everything cold, as designed.

also visually inspect the electric wire going to the tube containing a heating element, and the element itself. notice any discoloration or possible problems with these components such as a loose connection or a broken wire, etc., it could mean the power is not getting to the element, or the element is burned out, etc.

plug the frig back up. you should hear the compressor come on, and inside the freezer look to ensure the little fan is working. close the freezer door and allow the frig to run for a while, then check to feel how cold the air circulating in the freezer compartment feels.

if you found an icy buildup on the evaporator coils and you melted this buildup away, and then found that the freezer appeared to be recovering to make ice and run like normal again, the icy buildup was the problem. thing is, you then need to know just what failed and allowed the ice to accumulate. it could be the defrost timer needs replacing, or the defrost heater/element has failed (you should be able to see the problem, if it is the fan or it’s blades).

use your manufacturer’s name and model number to search online for your model’s parts and diagrams. once you determine the right part to get, replacing any of these isn’t very difficult. and often there are videos that take you through replacement tasks, step by step.

if there’s no icy buildup on the coils your problem could be a bad temperature control module, a restricted air flow underneath, a bad compressor motor start/run relay, or even low refrigerant.

but my money’s on the evaporator aspect, and a faulty defrost timer. Good Luck!!

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