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Quinta generación de iPad, lanzada en marzo de 2017. Disponible en Wi-Fi y LTE con opciones de almacenamiento de 32 y 128 GB. Cuenta con una pantalla Retina de 9,7 "y un procesador A9 de 64 bits.

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How difficult is the screen replacement

So I have an Ipad 5th Gen. Model A1822. My son tossed it across the room the other day, and the screen shattered. Gotta love 2 year olds right. Any who, I have some experience in dealing with electronics hardware, although I doubt anything as small as the hardware inside an Ipad. How difficult is it to replace a screen that has been shattered. I have read the guide, and watched videos, I did not see anything that I do not think I could do, but as often is the case, I worry that these guides and videos are making things look substantially easier than they are. So, is this something that the average joe can accomplish?

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No doubt guides are often making things easier than they are..replacing screen will take lots of time and patience especially for removing perfectly the old adhesive..that’s of the essence to get good and long lasting results and avoid digitizer issues. Besides that, the guide @sammyz linked for you includes all you have to know to do a great job :)

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Since you have experience in dealing with electronics, you are more than capable of replacing digitizer yourself, make sure you have the right tools to start with.

But first, take time to read this detailed guideline written by @refectio (scroll down to solution):

After doing my repairs (battery and screen) I have problems

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iPad 5 Screen Digitizer

This kit says it comes with a new screen with adhesive strips, do I still need to buy better adhesive or are the ones that come with it of good quality?

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@dethnode Since this kit is sold by iFixit, I assume it will come with Tesa 61395 adhesive strips which is currently the best on the market, you don't need to buy any others.

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IMHO, if it doesn't say Tesa Tape, I would assume it is not. A quick call to iFixit Customer Support would clarify that however.

As for the OP's concern about guides making things look easy... I have to say that the guides are very good in general, especially those written by the iFixit staff. The only knock I would have is that they don't really cover re-assembly other than to say "reverse the steps". That works pretty well with iPhones but it is not the case with iPads (which is why I detailed my linked answer).

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