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La actualización de Apple de marzo de 2019 de tu tableta iPad Air, con un procesador A12 Bionic y una pantalla de 10.5".

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Does have iPad air3 same problems with pro2?

IPad air3 is same design with pro2. But pro2 has a lot of problems such as white spot, touch issue. I worry about iPad air also has these problems.

IPad air’s inner design is also same with iPad pro2?

Does iPad air3 have same problems with pro2?(white spot, touch issue..)

thank you

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I'm using ipad air 3. I am experiencing intermittent touch issues. Got it replaced and second one also has same problem. Three months passed and got no answer from Apple.

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I pre-ordered mine from Target and it has been having issues right out of the box. I upgraded from the iPad 2017 which wasn’t having any of the issues this one is having.


*When putting in my 6-digit pin code to unlock, I have to constantly enter the 6 before the iPad will take it. The dots above the number pad will actually light up when I enter the number but then it unlights. I have to keep hitting it until it stays lit. 6 is the second and sixth digit in my lock. It doesn’t happen with the other numbers.

*I have issues with getting apps to open. I will sit there and tap and tap on it. The color of the app might change in response to me tapping on it (it will become shaded) but it won’t open.

*I did a side by side with the iPad Air 3 and my old iPad 2017 when I originally purchased it. My hands were damp at the time. I had no problems using the old iPad but I don’t think the iPad Air 3 responded. The iPad Air 3 worked with my hands dry but I noticed that there was a smoothness to the old one that the new one didn’t have. After the update to iOS 13, it became a lot worse. It was like using a no-name brand Android where you have to focus and make sure your finger is on the app and even then it was a pain moving them from screen to screen. This is after I did a complete wipeout after the iOS 13 update.

*I had to repair a Wi-Fi issue also after the update because the iPad wasn’t getting internet. That was a turn off/turn on issue. Easy to resolve. There is still an intermittent issue where I can’t connect to the internet which is usually resolved by turning the wi-fi off for 10 seconds.

*I’ve recently had an issue with charging where it didn’t respond to me putting the charging in initially.


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Well I bet that Apple wouldn’t have released this iPad if it had the same issues, so it’s probably fine. If there are issues, respond back and I’ll look into it.

Good luck!

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Those problems you mentioned on 10.5” Pro should be addressed and resolved in the new Air 3, although display chips are similar between the two and they have same form factor, they feature different screens.

In theory, iPad Air 3 shouldn’t have same problems with 10.5” Pro.

Check out the teardown on Air 3:

Desmontaje del iPad Air 3

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How is this topic solved? LOL No concrete evidence. Only time will tell.

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Its solved Jessica's going to look into it :)

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I have a brand new Air 3 with over 200 G of storage available and I have had touchscreen issues from day one

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