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Fan not spinning / constant stopping and starting (modified for PC)

Hi there! Just dug my old kinect for Xbox one out of the junk box and it’s not working when plugged into my pc. I had previously modified it to work on pc by soldering in an extra power adapter, and it worked completely fine back then, however now when i plug it in it works for a couple of seconds, overheats and then shuts off. Rinse repeat. The fan wasn’t spinning so i thought it might be a faulty fan after reading a reddit post, so i ordered a new one and nada, nothing, still dead. Anything i can do about it or is it toast?

Thank you!

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If it is shutting down after a moment following manual replug, and staying off.. try hardwiring the fan or otherwise adjusting the cooling.

If windows shows it repeatedly connecting and disconnecting on its own, try this solution I found years ago when I first started using Kinect v2 on PC:
reg add HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Processor /v Capabilities /t REG_DWORD /d 0x7e060

I don’t recall where I found that exactly, but I saved it in my general scripts folder as “IntelPowersave(ReDisKinecting).bat” (my shorthand for Kinect disconnecting and reconnecting)

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