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Igniter does not come on

Hi folks, I have a Cabrio Accudry WGD5600XW0. There was no heat, so over span of time troubleshooting I have replaced the thermal fuse, igniter, high limit thermostat, and thermal cut off. I have made sure there is gas and that the airflow is good. The board does not give off any errors in diagnostic mode. The igniter does not come on and I have tested all the components with a multi meter and all test fine. I am at a loss.

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When the thermostats, fuses, ignitor and flame sensor function correctly, they send a signal to the coils or solenoids attached to the top of the gas valve. These coils or solenoids open the valve and release the gas into the burner assembly. If the ignitor glows and does not ignite a flame after 90 seconds, one or more of the gas valve coils or solenoids have failed. If the ignitor still fails to ignite the flame after you replace the coils or solenoids, the gas valve may have failed, and you will need to call an appliance service technician to replace it.

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Igniter does not come on at all. Is that cause by the solenoids?

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Sounds like it to me.

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@freedo my dryer is not working right I have replaced the igniter the flame sensor and the 2 coils and still not working

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What is the model number of your dryer?

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