System showing title screen, but nothing else.

We found my dad's Super Nintendo that he has when he was a kid and played for me when I was little. The console has been in our garage since about 10 years ago. We plugged in the console and booted up a childhood favorite, Super Mario World. Upon booting the game, the screen displayed the “Nintendo Presents" screen, then went black. We could hear music, but could do nothing else. The controller didn't work either. He had two, tried, and nothing would work. This happens to every game we've tried: Hole-in-One Golf, Mario All Stars, Donkey Kong (this one only showed a black screen with sound), and a couple others.

We used rubbing alcohol on the cartridge and console. It didn't work. We consulted a local Trade-In game store. A former console maintenance guy told us to use Brasso on the console and cartridge. If that didn't work, take apart the console and clean it really well, checking for corrosion, etc. He said if those don't work, to either give him a call (he changes a base price of $15 plus the parts if needed) or to buy a new system all together (around $80 at the store we were in). We would rather try and see if we can fix it ourselves before turning to money. We did try the Brasso, but that did not work. I was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions.

If you would like a video of what the console doing, please let me know and I can provide you with one. Thank you!

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