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How can I transfer photos from my desktop computer to a CD?

I used to be able to transfer photos from my desktop computer on to a CD. It seems that software updates have removed this option. All it will do now is put them on One Drive which is useless because I don’t have any other device that uses One Drive. Nor do I want to get one.

At some time the computer will die. I’d like to keep the photos.

How can I rescue the photos I’d downloaded from my camera to this computer and put them on CDs, same as I’ve done since the year 2000?

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Hi @dzerjb ,

Here’s just one link that shows how to transfer files to a CD or DVD.

There are others. Just search for transfer files to CD (or DVD) Win 10 to get results.

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Its not burning the CDs that's the problem. I used to do it on this computer. The problem is that the photos software that used to include the option to put the photos on a CD will now only let me put them on One Drive, which is useless to me!

- de


What happens if you put a CD-R in the drive as per the link and then try to copy / paste from Windows Explorer picture file location to the CD drive?

Do not use the photo software, just locate the file location of the pictures using Windows Explorer

- de

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If your DVD burner is no longer working, you may have to download free disk-burning software. Some well-known alternatives to Windows Media Player are DeepBurner and BurnAware.

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